National Consultation on RTE act 2009 Section 12 (1) (c) EWS/DG

National Consultation: Rights of children from disadvantaged and economically weaker sections and Status of Implementation of RTE Act Section 12 (1) (C)

Date: Friday, 31st March 2016
Venue: IIC Delhi, Lodhi estate Delhi. 

 Concept Note:

Section 12 (1) (C) of the Right to Education Act is a step forward to bring children from diverse social backgrounds to study together in a common environment in the private schools in the midst of a highly hierarchical and segregated system of schooling, both in the government and in the private sectors. It is estimated that large numbers of seats is available across the nation currently in the recognized private schools. As states bring unrecognized schools into their purview these numbers may take a phenomenal dimensions.

CSEI under its project supported by OXFAM India has tracked the developments under this provision of the RTE Act and have followed it up with advocacy with various stakeholders over the past three years. Though many states have initiated the implementation under this provision of RTE, there are varying experiences across the states, both with the government and the communities. Given the potential of the provision and the large numbers of children it can reach out to i.e both children from DA &EWS and other general children with whom they study – it is important to understand the issues in this provision. Throughout the current project year CSEI has tracked the status of the implementation of this provision through a study and analysis of the secondary data available on the department’s official website in the state of Delhi. CSEI had also organized a Public Hearing on the issues faced by the parents and children under these provisions and has brought out the case report in the public domain.

 Taking the same work further, CSEI, now proposes this Consultation in an effort to bring together different stakeholders to once again review the status of RTE section 12.1.C implementation and jointly seek to strategize with other stakeholders on way forward.


To bring together parents, civil society organizations, private schools, educational institutions, government bodies, education departments  and other stakeholders  including government departments and monitoring bodies promoting rights of children from Dis-Advantaged (DA) and Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) in private unaided schools under section 12 (1) (c )  to review existing policies and practices and recommend pro-active policies and strategies for effective implementation of this provision  including robust grievance redress mechanism.


  • To share status, experiences & voices from the excluded communities, Civil society and Education Bodies on RTE implementation
  • Identify challenges, support provisions and positive practices of state government, schools and other stakeholders in facilitating admission and retention of the children from marginalized sections under section 12.1.C of RTE.
  • Recommend essential norms and practices in effective implementation of section 12 (1) (c ) in letter and spirit including mechanisms to address exclusion and discrimination.
  • Evolve way forward strategies

Looking forward to your participation !