Abha Jeurkar : Although trained as an engineer, her heart lies in matters of education and human rights. She works in Bihar as an experiential educator and a research fellow.

Agyatmitra : A Play for Peace Enthusiast willing to engage with all, beyond limits of age, gender to build safe spaces for people to engage. He is especially interested in working with socially excluded groups to support equity and inclusion.

Ajatshatru : He is a people’s person, who walked out of 14 years of hardcore corporate life to engage and connect with children and youth to create transforming learning experiences.

Gurinder Azad : He is a poet of unheard voices, a writer and a social activist. He has worked on caste-based discrimination cases in premiere Indian institutions of higher education against Dalit and Adivasi students. He is passionate about working with community youth and motivating them. He is currently endeavoring towards building creative community spaces in the urban bastis for both young women and men from socially excluded communities.

Swati Bhatt : An experiential educator from 17 years with specialization in “Communication Media for Children”. Initiated Play for Peace program in India in 2000 and has been passionately mentoring young people to overcome challenges and transform their lives.

Leslie Martin :  

Vijay Kumar : Vijay is young Dalit leader and works among Dalit and Muslim children and young people in Karol Bagh, Delhi. Recognising many youth in his community dropping out of school, he initially took up programs to motivate and encourage them to return to school. He has facilitated over 800 drop-out children to go back to schools. Affectionately called Vijay Bhaiya (Elder brother), he initiated the Ideal Academy to promote coaching and career guidance to children and young people in his community. He is instrumental in many children resuming their studies after breaks, exploring their higher education and other talents. Vijay facilitates the Youth Tech Hub (YTH) in Karol Bagh.