Bihar Ambedkar Students’s Forum Youth Achievers

“Ambedkarism is not a dream any more, he is a living legend in the form of these young role models.” Satyendra Kumar ( CSEI Co-Founder)  बिहार अम्बेडकर स्टूडेंस्ट फ़ोरम, बिहार के छोटे से गाँव से शुरू हुआ यह मंच आज समाज में अपनी आवाज़ को इससे जुड़े युवाओं द्वारा डंके की चोट पर कह रहा है।  Proud and happy to have so many youth achievers in such a short span of time, huge potential among Dalit, Adivasi young generation.
बाबा साहेब के सपने साकार होने लगे हैं, अम्बेडकर और उनके जीवन को जिस तरह इन युवाओं ने अपनी ज़िंदगी में शामिल किया है उसका जवाब नहीं !! खेल, पढ़ाई, राजनीति, कला/संस्कृति, राष्ट्रीय/अंतर राष्ट्रीय फ़ेलोशिप/ प्रशिक्षक, मीडिया, NGO, INGO, पर्सनल/प्रफ़ेशनल स्क़िल्ल्स, सरकारी नौकरियाँ, राजनीति …. and the story goes on ये तो सिर्फ़ झलकियाँ हैं !!

Educate, Agitate and Organise!! BASF- Bihar Ambedkar Students’ Forum with its thousands of members, an active state core committee, 17 Manjhi youth as CLAY (Community Leader and Youth) Fellows and several mentors is actively determined to realise the dream of Ambedkar, Savtrimai Phule and most important working on their dreams..and this is what i meant when we talk about promoting social equity and social inclusion. These are champions who has created path for social inclusion for coming generations 🙂
Jai Bhim !!

1. UpendrAruna Kumar – Winner of Global Action on Poverty Fellowship, elected state conevener of Bihar Ambedkar Students’ Forum (BASF) & Certified International Play for Peace facilitator

 – First Bihar Ambedkar Students’ Forum(BASF) members to complete Masters in Social work from the Tata institute of Social sciences.
3. Basant Kumar – First Dalit (Musahar) boy to clear TISS entrance
4. Geeta Kumari – First Musahar girl who completed Post graduation and guiding several other girls in her villages to continue to study
5. Shailendra Kumar and 8 Musahar children completed 10th – first ever in their family and panchayats
6. Sunita Soren, Anil Kumar Manjhi, Saurav Kumar
 Kumari, Ranjeet Kumar Selected as International Citizen’s Services (ICS) Intern
7. Ajay Ravidas and 4 others – BASF experiment with electoral politics, Probably first ever youngest persons to win Panchayat election in Bihar in 2016
8.  Ashok Paswan Basf – First ever Bureau chief of local news paper, started journey as video volunteer
9.  Amarjeet Kumar
 , Manoj Kumar Successful video volunteer selected through BASF leading change in their district.
10. Amita Kumari, Amarjeet Kumar,  Manoj Kumar, Rajnit Kumar- SMILE interns and Commonwealth Youth project Winner
11. Seven (7) Dalit youth leaders who became changeloomers with Pravah
12. Poonam Kumari – First Dalit (Musahar) Girl to address at UN General Assembly
13. Nazia Afreen – First Muslim girl to participate at UN General Assembly
14. Soni Kumari – First Dalit girl to lead India’s under 14 football team as captain, was part of child delegation at UN SDGs process from Bihar
15. Manikant Paswan and two others – Secured job in Indian Railway and in police services
16. Making Governance Accountable through 100s of Right To Information (RTI) and on ground action through out the year
17. Jai Bheem Kala Manch (JBKM) – First youth led cultural team of Dalit/Adivasi youth in Bihar
18. Ambedkar Samudayik Media Manch (ASMM) – First ever community news portal by Dalit youth for raising issues of marginalised communities in Bihar
19. HELP App – Higher Education Link Programme – First ever mobile app for marginalised students to access information and career guidance on their mobile
20. CLAY Communication Centre – First business model being set up and maintained by Musahar youth in Bihar