Networking & Campaign


India State of Minorities Report Collective: is a platform of Civil Society Organizations working on the issues of minority rights. CSEI has been part of the collective for developing India State of Minority Report, 2016 and leading the chapter ‘the Status of Minority girls and Women’.

Ashoka University: Ashoka University is a private non-profit university which offers its students multidisciplinary liberal education. The Young India Fellowship is a one- year, fully residential programme with over 18 different courses across a range of disciplines in the Liberal Arts. Last year. Three fellows from the university interned with CSEI from Sept 2015 till May 2016. Each fellow was assigned to engage with one YTH through CLOS in Karol Bagh, Kusumpur Pahadi and Jafrabad respectively with a well-planned Schedule to strengthen YTHs. A winter internship module was prepared by the fellows to initiate a systematic internship process. CSEI team members participated in the final presentation of the internship held in Ashoka Univeristy Vasant Kunj Office. The University has expressed their interest on continuous partnership with CSEI through providing Fellowship opportunities for Young India Fellowship – Experiential Learning Module Project.

Kalindi College: As per the request from the Principal of Kalindi College, Rajendra Nagar, regarding internship opportunities to the students, CSEI team made a visit to the college to give an orientation to the students and faculties on CSEI intervention areas, issues and the scope of internship. Around 20 girls expressed their interest in doing internship in CSEI. The possible areas of work the shared are – spoken English, Dance, Singing, Personality Development, MS Office at YTHs; and Support in Research Work, data punching/Tabulation, CSR work at CSEI.


Action/2015 Campaign: Action/2015 campaign to prevent Child Labour in Delhi was carried out in collaboration with Delhi Equity Working Forum with the support of Wada Na Thodo Abhiyan and Save the Children. The Delhi campaign was in context of global mass mobilization campaign to pressurize the national governments to represent development needs from socially excluded communities and Civil Society at the UN General Assembly held in September 2015. Campaign was carried out Keeping the two key agendas- ensure that every child is going to school and learning; and No child is engaged in domestic or other child labour. There were two major strategies adopted for the campaign, firstly- meetings with Residents Welfare Associations (RWA) of Delhi and, secondly, Post Card Campaign. The meetings were held from 11th May, 2015 to 24th May 2015 in different localities of members of Equity Working Forum inviting members of RWA, government officials and other stakeholders in their respective localities. RWA members from all the areas were welcomed the invitations and the agenda. 14 meetings were held engaging 245 participants including Pradhan of the area, Councilor, RWA Core Committee Members, Police Officials , School Principals and teachers. About 5000 postcards, 600 pamphlets and 190 decisions taken in the posters- both in Hindi and English were distributed in different areas where meetings held. Following were the major campaign.

Fact Finding on Atrocity against Dalit children and parents: In Faridabad, Haryana state, dominant caste communities attacked a Dalit family, by pouring kerosene and burning them while they were sleeping. The two children aged below 5 years and the mother died in the attack. CSEI along with NCDHR and other Dalit organisations did a fact finding on the same.

Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA) Campaign: