Teacher Training on Equity & Inclusion

Discrimination against children from socially excluded and marginalized communities is a prevalent reality in schools and even higher education. Promoting leadership and awareness among children and communities are one part in addressing the same. Another dimension is to build awareness and sensitivity among teachers and equip them to be non-discriminatory and inclusive. CSEI undertook a three-month participatory process in government schools in Bihar where the researcher engaged with the children and teachers. Nature of discrimination was identified and processes developed to address them in the teaching-learning process. A four day module was developed incorporating the dimensions of building awareness and skills to recognize and address three dimensions of i) social exclusion, ii) social equity and iii) inclusion skills. Additional reading and practice materials were added to the module. The module was strengthened with inputs from the Central Institute of Education, Delhi. It was pilot tested with students from the B EL Ed students from 7 colleges of Delhi.