Promoting Ambedkar Students Forum

CSEI organized and mobilized young people through the programme on strengthening Community Led Organisations (CLOs) in 2011. The youth were organized as Ambedkar Students Forum (ASF) at the panchayat level. ASFs were federated together at the state level as the BASF. While the CLO strengthening programme supported by Christian Aid ended in 2014, the youth forum continues to be growing and vibrant. This forum aims to organize and create support mechanisms for socially excluded youth from Dalit, Adivasi and Muslim communities, with the condition that they are engaged in education in some way or the other. At the institutional level, BASF is a campaign engaging youth to own and drive the agenda of social change and education mobility. Membership is encouraged at the panchayat level, which comes together at the district level. Representatives are elected by the members for the state BASF from the districts. The state representatives form the core group of BASF. The state body is coordinated by a core group and organizes opportunities for students and youth to acquire leadership skills, knowledge and awareness on social, legal and political issues, strategies to promote equity and inclusion in education and struggle to demand and achieve educational rights.

BASF objectives

  • To strengthen Dalit, Tribal and Muslim Students’ Platform towards promoting equity and inclusion in education.
  • To build opportunities for exposures, collaboration and networking for youth
  • To develop and consolidate tools and methods on setting up education resource centres and Personality Development Centres
  • To promote ‘Equity Working Group in Education’ at the state and national level.
  • To campaign for community rights and entitlements

BASF had 10 ASF units in 10 panchayats in 5 blocks during 2012-14. Currently BASF has expanded to 22 ASF units in 7 districts with approximate 1000 members, mostly students. Further there are 16 core group members and 5 mentors at state level. CSEI supports BASF by linking them to opportunities to build their leadership capacities and networking. The Youth took active part in Nine is Mine campaign, Video volunteers, International Citizens Service, Play for Peace, Community Youth Collective, Global Action on Poverty fellowship, SMILE internship during the current year.