Perspective Building on Equity & Inclusion

CSEI is concerned with deepening democracy and developing our body politic by enhancing the enjoyment by excluded communities of their social, economic and cultural (SEC) rights. We recognize the widespread prevalence of exclusion and discrimination against Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims and other socially excluded communities in our society, and the specific vulnerabilities of women, children and youth within these communities, as regards access to education, employment and governance. Poverty, disability, physical/geographic in-accessibility, forms of illnesses and other context specific characteristics make the picture more complex, demanding sustained efforts in unravelling and addressing exclusion independently and intersectionally. CSEI therefore undertakes advocacy-oriented research, social equity audits, policy advocacy and the piloting of model interventions with members of excluded communities in the critical areas of education and employment. Embedded in the experiences of excluded communities, CSEI works to bring together all relevant stakeholders: the excluded communities, state actors, civil society organizations, corporate sector and others. Consistent interventions in the above areas are undertaken through the CSEI Bihar office. Education, employment, entrepreneurship and governance are the key intervention areas keeping “Exclusion – Equity –Inclusion” as our watch words. Major constituency is three communities- Dalits, Tribals and Muslims with special focus on women, children and youth in collaborating with Community led Organizations (CLOs).